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Professional Olympic Athlete Joined Fishbank to Take Part in Early Game Tests

Fishbank, the first crypto-based collectibles fighting game, was released on the Ethereum test network this week. An Italian rower Stefano Oppo, who took part in the rowing competitions at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, was one the first to test the new PvP (player-versus-player) game.

The Olympic athlete owns two legendary crypto sharks and trains them to become champions in Fishbank’s decentralized ocean food chain. With each fight, the shark tokens grow in value as they become more powerful and may even compete with larger sharks.

Every crypto fish is an ERC-721 token, a digital asset held by the player that can be used like a regular digital currency – sent or sold to other users. The token can’t be removed, replaced, or destroyed by game creator.

The main idea behind Fishbank is using cryptographically unique token to compete with other players. Each time the fish wins its opponents, it gets part of their weight. By getting more power, the fish becomes more valuable on the market.

An early version of the game has limited functionality, showing only the core gameplay and fighting mechanics and some bugs on the board. Still, given the speed of improvements and support of vast community it becomes quite obvious that after all the functionality announced in Whitepaper will be implemented this title will go insane!

Currently, the game is available on Rinkeby testnet and can be played using free ETH. The only way to get crypto fish token after the Stable release on mainnet is to catch it in Aquarium or purchase from other players with the cryptocurrency.

Every Aquarium ticket is worth 0.03 Ether in the Alpha release. The chance to get Legendary fish token is nearly 1:5000, while the chance for Epic and Rare tokens is 1:50 and 1:5, respectively. Certain tokens can also be preordered for Stable release before the game begins. The starting price for common fish tokens is 0.02 ETH, for Epics is 0.47 ETH and for Legendary ones is 2 ETH.

It is obvious that the era of games powered by the blockchain technology has come. Started from trading digital collectibles, it has finally evolved to massively multiplayer action. Given thousands of dollars some early players made with their crypto pets, it is difficult to predict an impact the the full-featured game will have on the market.

The team behind Fishbank, called “Chatrobotic”, is not a newbie in gamefication of extraordinary environments. They already operate three popular games for (Telegram, Kik and Facebook) messengers with over 500 thousands players and 2.5 million daily requests worldwide.

According to the team, the new game will help to discover the possibilities of the blockchain technology and educate people on the basics of cryptocurrency.

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