Fundbox Announces Integration With SMB SaaS Solution Providers AND CO, Bookly, Paid, Knowify, & BillyApp

Fundbox, a cash flow optimization tool platform for small businesses, announced on Tuesday announced SMB SaaS solution providers including AND CO, Bookly, Paid, Knowify, and BillyApp have integrated with its cash flow on-demand plug-in into their platforms or applications. According to Fundbox, these integrations will make it significantly easier for their SMB customers to access credit at points within their workflows when customers are planning their financial needs the most.

The company explained it has created an on-demand credit solution that is specifically designed to meet the growing funding needs of small businesses. It does not require FICO to get started and underwrites based on the financial health of the business. Fundbox quickly analyzes the financial data of each applicant, then delivers a credit decision within a few hour using its machine learning technology and if approved the company may provide access to up to $100,000 and customers only pay when funds are drawn. Speaking about BillyApp’s integration with Fundbox, Joshua Waldman, President and CEO of BillyApp, stated:

“The ability to produce, track or manage invoices is vital for maintaining financial stability when you are a small business. And while BillyApp can help our customers to streamline their invoicing processes, no one can control when an actual invoice will get paid. Invoices with net terms are great reminders but not a guarantee of payment. Now, when one of our customers is experiencing a cash flow gap due to late payments, they can conveniently access Fundbox if they need a quick cash injection, right inside our app. Fundbox has given us the ability to provide a great new service right when our customers are thinking about their cash flow the most.”

Marc Visent, Co-founder and CEO of Knowify, added:

“It’s a fact that construction is a cash intensive business. So, having access to a business credit or invoice financing can make or break the success of a building project. This is why the idea of integrating Fundbox Fuse made a lot of sense. Now when our customers are planning out or managing a new project, they can access Fundbox credit services in their moment of need instead of having to switch applications and focus.”